Vietnam visa for US travelers

Greatest News about Vietnam visa for US in Israel from December 15, 2016

This is really big news for US passport holders in general and US passport holders in Israel who wish to visit Vietnam that we are glad to announce. From December 15, 2016, Vietnam visa for US passport holders are again available in 1 month visa, 3 months visa and 6 months visa, concurrently with 1 year multiple-entry visa, applied as the only option during the past 4 months.

This is an amendment to the decision in August 2016, which limited the visa type options for US passport holders to 1 year multiple-entry visa only.

After a pilot time, Vietnam Government now decides to move back to the previous types of Vietnam visa for US citizens while maintaining current 1-year visa option. Stamping fees remain the same as others, with:

  • US$25/person for single entry,
  • US$50/person for multiple entries valid for up to 3 months;
  • US$95/person for 6 months multiple entry visa; and
  • US$ 135.00/person for 1 year multiple entry visa.

free processing of Vietnam visa approval letter for USSHOCKING NEWS – FREE processing of visa approval letter: For client who already obtained an approval letter for 1 year, multiple-entry visa via our company, if you wish to reapply for another type of visa, we would like to support you by offering FREE processing of visa approval letter to cut down the stamping fee to be paid at Vietnam airport. We are sending email to you, so please check your email soon and notify us your desired visa type. No response will be considered as no change.

For those who applied for 1-year visa with another company and wish to change to a short-term visa, we highly recommend contacting the service provider to ask whether they offer free processing of another letter or not. If you wish to reapply with us, full processing fees will be applied.

We believe this great news will relieve your confusion so you can enjoy your time in Vietnam to the fullest.