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Full cost of Vietnam visa on arrival for Israeli

Please advise. I'm planning to travel to Vietnam in this September for around 10 days, just for a holiday, not business. How much in total is a Vietnam visa on arrival for Israeli? Is it cheaper than obtaining a visa at Vietnam embassy.
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Can Israeli citizens get Vietnam visa exemption?

Hi. I just want to know that I, a holder of Israeli passport can get Vietnam visa exemption?
Do I need Vietnam visa

Visa requirement for Israeli transiting in Vietnam

I’m Israeli. I have a transit in Noi Bai airport before transferring to Thailand. I am staying there for around 4 hours. Do I need a Vietnam visa? Please advise.
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Israeli in Singapore - What with Vietnam visa

I am an Israeli citizen with a Israeli passport and currently in Singapore. Can I get a valid visa to Vietnam? we are trying to go on December 22, 2016 for around 10 days.
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Vietnam visa with domestic flights

How to get Vietnam visa for entering the country by bus or boat and then traveling withing the country with some flights. Find the answer here.
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What if I enter Vietnam earlier than my granted arrival date?

Hi, I’ve got my Vietnam visa approval letter for arrival date on May 21, 2017. However, my plan has changed and I need to enter Vietnam earlier. Do I need to obtain the new visa approval letter. Please advise.
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Vietnam visa for Volunteer from Israel

I’ll be spending 2 weeks in Bac Giang teaching English and then 1 week in Hanoi and Halong for vacation. The organizer of the Volunteer program said to purchase the Business Visa for Vietnam. Does my going to Hanoi for a 1 week vacation after the 2 week Volunteer program affect this? so should I still purchase a Business Visa to Vietnam? and what is the best way for me to obtain the visa?
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Vietnam Visa On Arrival First entry by air and then by land

The first time I arrive by plane in Vietnam, the second time I arrive by bus. Can I still use the multiple visa (because the second time I do not arrive by plane)?
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Vietnam visa for my Israeli Boss

Hi! Can you help me out? My boss is an Israeli but he is now staying at the Philippines and he wants to have Visa for him to travel in Vietnam. What are the steps and requirements for application?
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Passport validity for Vietnam visa application

I just discovered that I am scheduled to visit Vietnam in mid-October and my passport is expiring in late December. Can you let me know whether there will be any problem if my return ticket shows that I will be leaving before the expiry date?