3 tips for a perfect Vietnam trip for Canadian citizens

It is important to be well-prepared for the unexpected wherever in the world you will be. If you have decided to spend your precious time in Vietnam once then you must be wondering how to have a perfect Vietnam trip for you – the citizens of Canada. Here is some helpful information on special dishes, weather, and unit of currency as well as visa on arrival to enjoy this journey.

  1. Special dishes

What would kind of Vietnamese cuisine list complete without Pho? You are inevitably bumping into a crowd of hungry patrons slurping noodles at a makeshift pho stand when walking a block in any big cities of Vietnam. Northern pho is delicate and elegant, the broth more savory than sweet. It is not eaten with basil or bean sprouts or other herbs. Plainness is a virtue. The broth is the thing. The south evolved its own style, one rooted in its very different cooking traditions. Dishes in the south are generally sweeter than those of the north, and so the broth, too, is sweeter.

  1. VOA Vietnam – Visa on arrival

There are many advantages of getting a Vietnam visa, especially visa on arrival that you should know. Visa on arrival is so simple and convenient that you need only an access on Internet then fill out the Online Vietnam Visa Application on: https://www.vietnam-visa.com/ and receive the letter within 2 working days. Visa on arrival saves more time and money as you use it to get the visa stamp at International Vietnam airport after receiving the approval letter via email. The approval letter is valid for boarding the plane and getting the visa at Vietnam airport. Another advantage is you do not need to send official passport far away. One important thing is to make sure all information which you put on the application is correct. The reason why visa on arrival is time-saving is that it makes payment by online. It is not only easy for some methods of payment: PayPal, One Pay, Western Union but also taking some minutes for sending the money to visa agent’s account. Thus, you should get a visa on arrival in order to have a perfect trip here.

For further information, you can read detailed guide to get Vietnam Visa for Canadian citizens or contact directly to our dedicated consultant through Hotline +84. 946. 583. 583.

  1. Weather

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate. Specifically speaking, the weather in Vietnam is recognized by two seasons — the southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April. What is worth remembering though is the southwest monsoon is warm and wet and the northeast monsoon cool and not so wet. Temperatures are fairly constant throughout, with the exception of Hanoi and the far north (which can be very cold in December and January) and the Central Highlands. Northern Vietnam has a cool to cold season whereas southern Vietnam gets plenty of rain and hot, humid weather. So there is no perfect time for any specific destinations. All you need is a raincoat in case it rains during the trip.


Vietnam weather in May

Vietnam is a wonderful and interesting country. Three tips above are the necessary points for citizens of Canada who plan for Vietnam travel. These information may contribute to your great Vietnam trip.